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23 May

The singer performed her new song, “I Have Questions” and just revealed a little secret about it all — she actually sang backwards!

“This performance of ‘I Have Questions’ was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this..

I had to literally learn this song backwards because some parts of the song were filmed in reverse in order to have this effect you see here,” Camila shared on Instagram.

She adds, “In the days leading up to the performance, I used this app to learn each word of ‘I Have Questions For You’ backwards, which is basically UYYUNUYSHUFAYA…

Jennie was also born in Pennsylvania, also to Russian Jewish parents, Bernard Celander/Celender and Martha Barioski.

Recently, talks that the British stud has eyes for none other than Selena Gomez has been causing some controversy.

Granted they were both pretty young when they first met, so we doubt that they had a very heated romance. The chemistry between the two was certainly there as the teens were laughing the whole way through. Wedding bells weren’t in the cards for these two, but they were pretty adorable while they lasted.

It even featured a fun food fight all thanks to Chloe. Two years ago, Cameron got down on one knee and asked for Chloe’s hand in marriage while they were waiting in a juice shop. started off as a fan of Chloe and somewhere down the line the two turned into friends.

Miles’s paternal grandfather was Benjamin Teller (the son of Carl Teller and Jennie Celander/Celender).

Carl was born in Pennsylvania, to Russian Jewish parents, Benjamin Teller and Esther Goldsmith.